Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I don't know who was more shocked this morning, me or one of the new cadets who burst into my room by mistake. What if I had been changing!??! He probably did not expect a female occupant but whatever, I am more irritated by the fact that the door slamming has started all over again. It always happens whenever a new course moves into the rooms along the same corridor. Is it so difficult to turn the bloody door knob?

Today is quite a big day for me but the forecast shows moderate turbulence, well will just see how it goes. God knows best.


Your avid reader said...

Next time you should just shout at that cadet haha!

Vanessa said...

Nah, must be civilized and maintain my cool. Well, after I told someone to pass the message a 2nd time, there has been improvement heh.