Wednesday, April 05, 2006

These days, I can't seem to find comfort in anything. Oh well, just gonna let these fucked up feelings run its course then I'll be ok.

Going off on a long trip, Tokyo, then to Los Angeles. Hopefully, I'll be much happier when I'm back.



Anonymous said...

You be back i'am sure..back to your old self. Life is a stage ya, we choose the characters we want in life. It up to ya which character you want to play. ;) - Shahrin

thomas said...

Cheer up Vanessa :). Things will turn around for you soon!

Anonymous said...

Just wanna leave a note here to cheer you up. Still rem you told me you will be uncontactable in Japan for afew days. Couldnt think of any other way to reach you, except through the help of Mr Yahoo Postman with his snail mail...and over at here, leaving a note to let you know that you are in my thots. :) Be home soon, Vanessa

From your not-so-perfect eyesight friend, L*****T


sunrise said...

Vanessa babe.

Don't beat yourself up for not knowing all the answers to your life, not necessary to know who you are or whatever the big picture will be like and where your're heading because sometime it's enough to know what you going to do next that mark a change.

sometime, it's enough to know that little to bring about a change and directions.

for sure, you will soon overcome all those obstacle that is hindering you now.

have faith.

:) elsa

sugar said...

Its me Elaine from ur Auckland trip way back in Nov.
Its amazing how I stumbled upon ur blog.. How r u babe?
I do hope u r fine. :)
Take care n I hope we meet up soon!
Take care!


Vanessa said...

Thanks for your concern and kind words everyone, you're all so very sweet:) Made me smile when I got back from flight and read all the comments:) *hugz and kisses*

Elaine: Hey Elaine! It's a really pleasant surprise to hear from you:) I'm doing good, I do hope you're fine too:)

Visited your blog as well, link each other up alright? You take care too:) Talk to you soon!