Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I don't like.

I do not like it when random strangers add me on Facebook or MSN especially if I do not know them and have no link to them whatsoever, without prior introduction.

I am also not too hot on the idea of joining a cell group. I know it will be good for me if I do, but I am simply not ready to commit that time just yet. I trust the Lord, but I do not trust some of God's people. I wonder why I am shrinking back into my shell when I don't have a reason to be.

I am becoming less tolerant and more judgemental and I do not feel like talking about it now. There's been no drama so far because I keep it in but hell, I do not feel good about it. I must sort myself out but I do not feel like talking about it.


hoongji said...

ah...the all too familiar things that ppl do and happenings down in jdk. life can be full of sweetness or sourness. no worries, you'll do well and survive. happy flying

Vanessa said...

Yep, it's no big deal really, the environment is pretty negative to begin with and it gets you down sometimes. But knowing me, it will not drag me down at all. I will savour he sweetness of life when I am here.

Thanks for all the encouragement:) I hope you are doing well too.