Saturday, July 26, 2008

This phase in my life is probably the happiest and most fulfilling one for me, but yet, I cannot detail my experiences here, as it would give too much away. Some things are best kept low profile so that leaves nothing much to write about.

I have had numerous internal struggles in the past and there were many instances where I felt vulnerable and exposed. But now, I finally know how it feels like to be in a happy bubble, because I am in one right now, for the first time in a decade or so. I must say, it feels very nice, Time seems to pass a little slower here, probably due to the relaxed pace of life and even better, that I get to spend it with Viv and pursuing that dream. I am indeed in a world of two and everything is harmoniously in its place. Yet I do know that I must strike a balance and that I must not lose sight of the goal.

The feeling of detachment surfaces every now and then and I feel cut off from reality. Though, I have a peace of mind and have no immediate worries, I must be careful not to lose sight of my purpose in life. When people have to struggle with themselves and their circumstances, they grow spiritually and become stronger. But yet, when there is harmony, there is no growth and the soul continues to search for something. I am missing that spark and I need to rekindle the flame of the fire that used to burn within me.

Life is an anomaly, isn't it?

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