Monday, July 21, 2008

A week has passed since the day I left. Everything happened so quickly that I did not have time to say goodbye to everyone. The results were only released a couple of hours before I was scheduled to leave. To cut the long story short, I did not heed the advice to postpone my ticket as I just knew the results would be out and that I would pass. The gamble paid off and though it was a mad rush that day, I arrived at my destination without any drama. The face that I have been wanting to see the most greeted me at the airport and I was overwhelmed by the feelings welling up in me. It is a great start to a new chapter in my life that is just about to begin.

So here I am in Jandakot after a long period of waiting and it has been lovely so far. There is still a lot to get used to but I have gotten myself settled in pretty quickly. Over here, it is very easy to be lulled into a false sense of security because things are moving at a pace that is a tad too slow. It is almost like being on holiday but at the back of my mind, I know what I am here for and that I cannot afford to slack.

Yesterday, I went to a church and it really feels like back home. I know that God is always here for me and He is the reason that I am here now. There is that underlying fear and apprehension but I must let that all go and rest it in Him.


Anonymous said...

Woman... u left without saying BYE. What a friend..... Wauhahaha. Ok, will call u if I got PER flight... need ciggies like you did for me ??!!! :-)


Rheon said...

ahh! you've left already! keep in touch babe :)