Thursday, August 28, 2008

Love does not necessarily equate to patience. For some strange reason, I am usually tolerant towards people who are not close to my heart and yet lash out at those who are. Viv is the total opposite, he seems to have the patience of a saint when it comes to me but hey, I cannot help it if I am cute and that amuses him enough to take my nonsense. I was in one of my moods today and poor Viv had to bear the brunt of my bad behavior. I feel bad about it now, though the thought of us irritating each other on purpose does allow a smile to play on my lips.

I don't like being too nice and accomodating because people take advantage of it and that annoys me to no end. There have already been some instances over here where I feel like I am getting the short end of the stick. However in this case, it is better to get along than get my way, just that I will put my foot down if it gets too much.

Having said all that, I must make a conscious effort not to take Viv for granted and love him even more. He just has to wait for PMS to get out of the way first.

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