Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas this year was spent away from home but even though I was not with my loved ones, I really enjoyed the celebrations that I have had.

The college party was a raucous affair and many ended up getting smashed at the end of the night. Alcohol, in moderate amounts, can be a good thing as it lightens the mood and brings everyone together. It can also be fun when people have had too much to drink and entertain everyone with their drunken antics. Heh.

On the eve, I had a nice dinner at La Porchetta in Fremantle with Poot Poot and a couple of his friends after sending off one of their coursemates to the airport. The service was good and the food was delicious and reasonably priced. Most definitely going back again, even though I have had more than enough Italian food since coming to Perth. We attended a Christmas mass after that. It is really not much different from the other Catholic masses that I have attended, just a lot more packed. As usual, I felt strangely detached from it all and it did not touch me in the way a Christian sermon would. Similar in some ways, yet worlds apart.

There were plans to embark on a road trip to Albany but it was canned as most of the car rental companies were either closed or had no more cars available. I followed Poot Poot, to his instructor's house party, along with some other cadets who have been invited. It was simple, heartwarming and absolutely lovely... just the sort of thing I like. The weather was perfect with the warm December sun on my skin and the cool breeze carassing my hair. The food was excellent and I ate so much that I was quite sure I was gonna pop. The kids running about brought a smile to my face... their innocence and curiosity never fail to touch my heart.

I am glad I found some meaning in Christmas this year, and I hope it was the same for everyone. God bless!

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