Wednesday, February 22, 2006

'Ji rou tao bing'. That's the oorrect way to say chicken pie in Mandarin. Oh well, I guess we all learn something new everyday eh?

Might as well, will be operating on a Beijing flight later tonight.

Received another piece of good news today.:) This time, something regarding my family. Gonna be vague about this because it's kinda personal. My close friends would know though...

Digressing now, been reading, writing and playing music a lot these days. It is all so therapeutic for the mind. Not so much of the hard drinking and partying these days. It is just not the best place to get to know people, and definately not gonna do wonders for my looks and health. Gonna get back into my fitness and healthy living mode.:) Halfway there, I actually like making healthier choices and eating junk in moderation.

Anyhoo, within the next few weeks, I have a shitload of things to buy. Most importantly a laptop and a new 3G mobile phone. I already know what I want. I have my sights set on the ASUS W5A and Sony Ericsson W900i. Then I'm gonna give it a totally cool new skin of the G Wrap kind.

Alrightie, off to practice piano. See ya all when I am back.


Chendol :) said...

I'm back! W900 is nice! Have a great weekend!

jamie said...

working too hard beautiful ;) keep looking out for you :)

Vanessa said...

Chendol: Welcome back! It's a great phone man... but way too bulky, must think about it carefully;p You have a great weekend too:)

Jamie: What a nice, nice surprise:) Great to hear from you again! Will keep looking out for you too:)