Saturday, November 08, 2008

Oh my splitting head! I have worked for more than 4 solid hours editing the contents of the inhouse college magazine. It is quite a lot of work and I do kind of regret taking over as chief editor as for this issue, but then again, my team and I should be able to put together a pretty good issue.

I cannot believe how inconsiderate some people can be. There is a new batch of juniors who just arrived yesterday and since then, my peace and quiet has been disrupted. There is one motherfucker who has been continually slamming the door each time he enters or leaves the room and it has been going on all night. It is either only one or a few of them.

There is a whole long list of such inconsiderate behavior but it will take me hours to write all of them down. Some people are just unbelievable and I shudder to think that such characters are going to be in the airline in the future.

On a more positive note, something good happened to me today and I ended up not having to do that dual check afterall on virtue of my safe performance with my instuctor so far. What luck! That is indeed great news for me and I can finally move on with my training. What luck! I hope there is more to come


Your avid reader said...

How many people are housed in one house? Must be damn rowdy lah

Vanessa said...

It's more like a hostel really, housing 170 people. It can get very noisy and rowdy, especially when people keep slamming doors day in day out.