Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I have been nicknamed Xena. One of my male colleagues gaped at me as I actively and effortlessly help passengers stow their baggage. He came up to me and remarked, 'Wah! You are very strong ah! You remind me of Xena!" He happily proceeded to announce it to everyone and called me that throughout the flight.

One evening, I walked into a restaurant in Shanghai with a group of stewardesses. I saw this guy staring hard at me. I did not recognize him but I smiled at him briefly as I made my way to another table. I could see him from where I sat and he kept turning back to look at me. Then, he caught my eye and started flexing his muscles in a most comical fashion.

With a sudden jolt of realization, I started laughing out loud. It was the steward who called me Xena from a few flights back! The other gals with me wanted to know why I was laughing so I told them. They all found it very funny and said it was a very apt description. Then he came over with his wife to say hi and to my mock indignation, started flexing again. Everyone roared with laughter. Well, before you know it, I was 'Xena' to them as well.

Wah lau eh...

Now all I need to do is perfect my battle cry, do somersaults and back flips in mid-air and seriously start kicking some ass. Hah! Oh and I'll probably need a new wardrobe as well...

Oooh, I caught Mary Poppins in London! It was a pretty good musical. just that I could hardly keep my eyes open coz I was so tired. I really wanted to watch The Lion King and Billy Elliot but we couldn't get the tickets and it was freaking expensive too. What a bummer!:(

The weather in London was perfect so I took the opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing with 2 other crew. We went to the Buckingham Palace to see the change of guards, then walked to the London Eye and took a river cruise to Tower Bridge. I wish I could have done more but I'll leave that for my next flight to London.:)

Change of guards at the Buckingham Palace

Aww shucks man... I have a strong craving for bread. That means that time of the month is looming ahead. It means I'll be more impatient and snappy than usual and if anyone irritates me, I'll just toss them over my shoulder and whoop their ass. Kidding!;p I'd better go to bed before I start bingeing. Goodnight!

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