Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hello Strangers. Our paths have crossed somehow in the different stages of our journey through life. Your paths merged with mine and become intertwined for awhile. You are the people who have left imprints in my memories. Some deeper and more vivid than the others...but definately a mark nevertherless.

We were close and there we could share deeper thoughts that resonated. We seemed to understand each other in ways which no one else could. The simple, yet meaningful things that could put a smile on our faces and make our day.

There was that special connection that cannot be defined and sometimes the boundaries become blurred. Things started to get complicated and to spare ourselves the ensuing pain that could follow, we cut off all contact and drift apart, away and into nothingness. Oh,the silent hurt and the veiled helplessness!

Each encounter leaves a void in my life. The ghost of those happy times still linger on, mere shadows of a distant memory.

Goodbye, goodbye Strangers. Although, now I do not know you all the way I used to, it has been nice knowing you.


elsa said...


that's a good one! :)

sunrise said...


that's a good one. :)

Marv said...

Well, you are Kelly Hu that kicks ass! Nothing to too tough for u to handle!

Ida said...

I cannot agree with elsa more. Vanessa, you definately rock with your pen!!! Your feelings are shared!!!