Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gone is the procrastination streak that I was born with. It is a refreshing change to have things done rightaway once I set my mind to it, or to do something about issues that bug me.

It is very, very exhausting though and now I feel like my brain is going to pop and go up in smoke.

Zurich was awesome. It's my third time there but it's the first time I actually ventured out. A group of us rented a car and drove out to the countryside and visited some small towns along the way. Zurich to Rapperswil, then to Vaduz, Maienfeld and finally dinner at Lucerne. Scenic glory all around and it was just surreal to be standing there, breathing the air of a foreign country and taking in all the beauty that surrounds me.

It is a quiet joy that fills my heart I feel thankful to be able to experience such serenity amidst all the depressing shit that has been going on in this world. Then I took a step back and had a good look at all the events in my life leading up to now.

Of late, things have been happening when I least expect it and I am completely blown away. Sometimes, it all seems too good to be true. I tell myself to enjoy the moment now and yet be prepared for the backlash if the outcome is not what I desire.

Sometimes when you really think about it, a single change in one's life can really spark off a chain reaction of sorts. In my case, it looks promising.

I had better brace myself for whatever comes next.

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