Thursday, June 26, 2008

Has it really been that long? It has been slightly over a month now since the day Viv left for Jandakot. Yet with him, it does not feel like we are thousands of miles apart. The daily phone calls, messages and chats over MSN keeps us close, so it always seems like he is close by.

I may be expressive in writing but I am not exactly mushy and over-affectionate. I mean of course, if the feeling is not mutual, I will not fake it. In fact it annoys me sometimes because I do have my solitary moods and I need need my space. Again, if my territory is encroached upon, I will shrink away and shut off. But with Viv, it is totally different, but even he gets a bit of it sometimes. Sometimes only.:P

I have been told I am not easy to handle, but I guess in this case, it just takes the right person to come along.

God, I miss him.

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