Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nabei, kenna mild heatstroke while walking in to college today with the afternoon sun beating fiercely down on me. Now that I am back home, the headache is more pronounced and I feel as though my head is being pounded repeatedly with a sledgehammer.

I went sun tanning with Nicole yesterday so I am nicely browned now. I have always sported the tanned, healthy look but I stopped for some time. Now I know why I did not continue with it, it is extremely damaging for the skin. My skin feels like a piece of cracked leather and I just hope I don't start peeling.

My poor dogs must be suffering under all that fur. Miko had her fur shaved off recently to get rid of the matted fur, but even she pants like her life depends on it. Yesterday, someone mistook her for a ferocious pitbull. She is a Japanese Spitz, but I suppose her shaved look makes her look badass and the size is about right. I had a good laugh over that.

Feel like doing shit to my hair again, argh....

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