Thursday, December 31, 2009

I started the last day of 2009 with a 5km morning run, doing the laundry, walking the dogs and washing Nicky's furry behind because he had the runs and smeared shit all over the floor.

A very ordinary morning for 2009, but what an extraordinary year it was on the whole. Though it was peppered with stress, uncertainty and some unhappy moments, there have been many happy highlights that are worthy of mention and be thankful for.

I was successful in getting my CPL/IR(ME), which brings me closer to my dream than ever before. Got baptized in October and have grown spiritually ever since. Christmas meant a lot more to me this year as I was able to give in a way I haven't done before. Best of all, I met someone special, he is my rock, love of my life, soul mate and astrological twin.

2010 looks set to be a very promising year, one of personal fulfillment and blessings in more ways than one. Time to cast out all that is bad and embrace the good that is to come with open arms. I can hardly wait and I look forward to it with great optimism and faith.

Happy New Year!

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