Thursday, November 17, 2005

The first thought that popped into my mind when I got into the cab when reporting for my flight to Auckland was, "Shit, I am screwed."

Get this, I usually make sure I arrive at the control centre 30 minutes before reporting. Since it takes me at least half an hour to reach the airport, I have to leave the house at least 1 hour before reporting time.

That day, for some weird reason which I can't quite phantom, I left the house at 6.35pm, when my reporting was at 7pm.

I could have died and gone to hell.

Anyhoo, I made it on the dot. I was so flustered that my orientation was all disrupted. I was so sure it was the beginning of a bad flight.

Fuck, I was wrong... I had a blast! Haha! After we arrived at the hotel, that is. A group of us gathered together with some alcohol to hang out and talk shit.:) Great company, just laughing at anything and everything. Sometimes, I love my job and my life. If it is as fun as this all the time.:)

Went to look at my partially renovated flat yesterday... Lovely! The house has a good feel about it. The contracter did a hell of a good job. I can't wait to move back in:) Headed down to Kimage, cut my fringe china-doll style and trimmed my hair. Tortured myself at the gym after that.

Then, partied hard at Phuture. A few of us from the Auckland flight, plus some other friends. Danced all night, the RnB music was great, the vibe was pumping into our veins at full force. I love music, I love to dance and I love my life.

What a weekend...:)

And the best part? I'll be meeting my babes Judy and Julz for dinner in a bit!


thomas said...

Happy to hear that you had a good time :). I hope today is wonderful too!

Ranz said...

Hi Vanessa ,
Glad that U had a great time in Auckland . Hope that from now , ALL your trips would be that wonderful okay ? :)
Happiness always .
Btw , thanx a million for letting me link U to my blog . :)
Here's mine -
Ermm , hee , don't laugh okay . I'm new at it lah . ;p
Cheers ,

alhnom said...

We sure had a GREAT time didnt we? Loading the pics up in a bit! Dont u blame my cammy now... ;p