Friday, November 18, 2005

Yesterday evening ended on a lovely note.:) Judy says she went to sleep with a smile on her face. I'm not sure about myself and Julz though... I mean, we are friendly and we CAN BE all smiles if we like you... But we both has this stuck-up, 'don't fuck with me' look about us... Anyhoo, I don't think I am someone who smiles in my sleep, snore yes, smile? No.

We had a nice dinner at Thai Express, while talking about weird stuff like how crocodiles mate and the size of their *ahem* and then we moved on to elephants... (???). Judy started the subject on pregnancy prevention patches and its horrible side effects like gaining weight or if you don't, blood clots in the body.

Me: "I'd rather have blood clots man."

The gals looks at me with an incredulous 'Hellooo? WTF?' expression on their faces. I don't blame them... I think my mind is seriously warped and I am obsessed with losing weight. I have every reason to be and I am not ashamed to say it. Everyone tells me I look fine. And yeah I do look fine but, I beg to differ, because I don't look fine enough for my expectations. ;p

So, we went up to the open area to sit around, talk and take pictures upon Judy's insistence. Now, I am someone who honestly hates taking pictures unless I look damn hot that day. Sorry Jude, but I have to say this...your camera, in flash mode, made us all look bad, very bad. All puffed up and bloated. Wahahaha!

Don't look good in pictures? Blame the freaking camera!

The power of 3:)


alhnom said...

hey hey! wait till i post the pics. we'd do a poll if u really do look gd ya? ;p

Vanessa said...

Jude, no polling please lol:) Post ONLY those without the flash hehe;p

Anonymous said...

Post both pictures with n w/o flash please! Hehe Julz