Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I had a wake-up call this morning. It is still not too late.

Not to late to break out of this comfort zone that I am enjoying right now. It is time to do something for myself, time to move on. I am going to do a part-time degree and I'll try to make it for next year's intake.

By the age of 25, I must:

- Have my driving license
- Get my Grade 8 in piano
- Get my degree
- Look damn fucking good, or at least maintain. That is a must hahaha;p

I have more to add to that list of course.

By then, I would have already been with the company for 5 years and I will get my graduity. My bond will end this year. If the right opportunity comes along, I might just quit before my contract ends. As Judy put it ever so aptly, 'collect ammunition'.

Working and studying part-time is fucking tough but it has to be done. I must create options for myself while I am still young and have no commitments. I must harness every single one of my abilities so that nothing goes down the drain. I KNOW I am capable, just that I lack the discipline and motivation. I do not want to look back, 10 years down the road with regret, not having acheived anything of substance.

My worst fear is to be left behind when everyone else has moved on. It scares the shit out of me. It truly does. I like my job but I do not want it to be the ONLY option for me.

Thanks for talking to me Judy and Julz.:) The both of you have been constant sources of positivity and encouragement in my life. I love you gals to bits! *big hug*

Less partying and mucking around, gonna surge ahead and be the best I can be. Wish me luck on my ambition.:)


Daff said...

hey do let me know yr part-time degree options. i was contemplating e same thing. however, ended up pretty dismayed to know it is quite impossible for me (our job-type) coz e classes though part-time..are 7-10 pm 5 days a week.

Ranz said...

Hi Vanessa ,
Phew !! Lotsa goals U have there . Firstly , how many times must I say that U already look damn good lah . Muahaha !! Muz share some beauty tips with me k ? Please preetty pleasee ..
Hee ! Anyway , I wish U all the best in achieving your goals one by one okay . U can do it !! But dun forget to have fun in the pursuit okay ? That will make U have even fonder memories of the process . Hee !!
Cheers and lotsa happiness ahead ,

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! All the best 2 ma babe! Luv u to bits 2 sweets! *Huggies* ;) Julz

alhnom said...

I'll be ur reality check, anytime. And make sure u have ur weapons ready in 5 years!

Vanessa said...

Daff: I know what you mean... I checked out a few degree courses but it is almost impossible to make it to classes, unless it is 100% assignment-based. Let me find out somemore and I'll let you know again ok babe?

Ranz: Thanks, but not good enough for me heh;p

I definately will, all you have to do is ask:)

Thank you, once again, for your encouragement:) Though acheiving them all is no easy feat. I wish you the very same as well!

Julz: Thanks darling! *hugz* I think I cannot make it for any of SIM or MDIS's courses man coz of my flying schedule...

Jude: And I promise to do the same for you babe:) *hugz*